Our Team

Our team of dedicated, experienced, professional surf instructors is the best in town. We all share a love for surfing and the ocean, and hope that you’ll come surfing with us so we can share our experience and excitement with you!

All of our instructors maintain current CPR, Ocean Lifeguard, and First Aid Certifications, and are highly qualified to deliver first-class surf and SUP instruction for all abilities.

Ready to surf with us?

Founder, Owner, Lead Instructor
Ty Gurney (@tygurney) founded Ty Gurney Surf School to share his expertise, ocean knowledge, and passion for all things surf. A former paramedic and longtime surf instructor, Ty’s pursuit of great waves and surfing adventures has brought him to all corners of the world, though he’s most at home on Oahu. When not teaching lessons or freesurfing, you’ll find Ty traveling and spending time with his family.
83 East Founder, Owner, Editor/Videographer
A lifelong surfer with a knack for videography, James (@83_east) formed 83 East to capture the excitement of surfing in Hawaii. Known for his ability to find the best filming angles from the water, don’t be surprised to find James riding a wave right next to you during your lesson! James enjoys surfing all boards and a wide variety of waves, especially right outside his home on the North Shore.

General Manager
Surfer, paddler, and all-around Kauai girl Danielle (@danielle_kiele) keeps our shop looking great and our instructors on their toes. (We’ve heard “Khaleesi” and “Mhysa” at least once or twice.) Danielle spends her spare time in the water, relaxing, and adding to her vast collection of bikinis.
Lead Instructor
One of the original Ty Gurney Surf School instructors, Joey (@jcpix808) is a former professional surfer and well-known waterman on Oahu. Also an accomplished photographer, Joey is active throughout the island and donates his time to a wide range of causes and events.
Lead Instructor
You’ll have a hard time getting Paul (@paulb808) out of the water! If there are waves, Paul will find them. From annual trips to Australia to quick hops to the mainland, Paul enjoys traveling and learning wherever he goes. We’re definitely making sure Paul’s on our team for the zombie apocalypse.

Top instructor – and #1 Cup O Noodles consumer – Brian (@brianroberts30) teaches and shreds, in and out of the water (he’s rolling his eyes right now). But seriously, he’s a pretty talented guy. An accomplished guitarist/songwriter, Brian gives great surf and guitar lessons (just not at the same time).
Born and raised on the Big Island, Ikaika (@awa_lani) has been voted Most Local Instructor every year since we started giving out the award (which, coincidentally, happened to be when he joined our team). Ikaika’s a hard-working, fun-loving Hawaiian and our unofficial meme curator.
Once upon a time, a young Santa Cruz native tired of his cold, neoprene-dependent existence and decided it was time for a change. After selling his last fullsuit and his soul, he made it to Oahu, wandered into our shop, and never looked back. That young man is Brent (@b_easie).

All-around awesome Kauai boy Kenui (@kenuimancan) loves LOVES surfing, photography, and pretty much anything that has to do with the ocean. After “Are you single?,” the most popular question for Kenui is “How do you pronounce your name?” (That would be kay-NOO-ee.)
Hailing from Maui, Torey (@toreynjenkins) has never met a Spam musubi he didn’t like … or promptly devour. His passions for surfing, the outdoors, and exciting new experiences have taken him to all corners of the world, but it’s the islands where Torey feels most at home.
Mango (formerly Rita) is our official avian mascot and guest greeter. Mango spends her time lounging around the shop and pretty much doing whatever she wants. She’s also definitely not shy about letting us know when she wants something (usually food, attention, or food and attention).

83 East Videographer
Dave (@davidkasberg) has never paid for a drink in his life. He charges camera batteries with the power of positive thinking. When he films, the Earth adjusts its orbit to give him the perfect lighting. He once won an Oscar for Best. He is: The Most Interesting Dave in the World.
The Original Surfing English Bulldog
Gracie, the official mascot of 83 East, is Hawaii’s the world’s best surfing English Bulldog and enjoys walking to (and from) the nose. Besides surfing, Gracie loves to eat, nap, sleep, go for car rides, and help out around the shop. Her dislikes include baths, toothbrushing, and lettuce.